LEWISTON, NY – The Lewiston Police Department has a New Police Chief in Town. The Lewiston Town Board unanimously appointed Sgt. Frank J. Previte III of 15 years to the position Monday night after Chief Christopher Salada of 18 years retired last month. Frank J. Previte III has been long known in the community as Sgt. Previte, but on Tuesday he started his first day as Chief Frank J. Previte III.

Previte has served as second in command for 15 years, under both the former chief, Councilman Ronald Winkley, and the recently retired Christopher Salada.

He has been a part of the Lewiston Police Department for the past 18 years.

He said things were not too different from Monday to Tuesday, but he said he has some things planned he’d like to implement to help the department and the community.

“The good fortune I’ve had under the past two chiefs is that I’ve been very involved in everything in the department,” said Previte. “A lot of the programs we have going now I’ve had a hand in or originated.”

He said as chief he would like to build the relationship of the police with the community with plans to establish neighborhood watches in different parts of the town.

He said he would also like to strengthen the relationships they have with local businesses and the schools.

Previte is a graduated from the FBI National Academy and is a New York State-certified firearms instructor.

He also teaches firearms, defensive tactics and various classroom topics at the Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy.

He said he expects to appoint his second in command within the next month, but did not release any names.

“I look forward to this opportunity and I’m glad the board has trusted me,” said Previte. “I’ve had opportunities to go to other departments, but my heart is here.”

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Lewiston Town Board Names New Police Chief

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